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30th Oct 2002, 03:41
On Monday October 28 2002 Ansett's 737-300 (CZD) got the chop up in Brisbane. I had many great days aboard this girl and she will be missed.
:( :(

If someone can explain to me how to upload some images I would be more than happy to post them here.

If someone can explain to me how to upload images to this site I would be more than happy to post them here.
Lozza :p

30th Oct 2002, 06:44
"got the chop' .... ?
What does that mean? Did they hack it up into little pieces?

30th Oct 2002, 07:40
These pic's were taken a few weeks ago,


30th Oct 2002, 08:37
Yes it was cut up in pieces on Monday. The photo's I have are the same as rmm's but of the actual cut up.

30th Oct 2002, 10:09
Yes a sad sight!

The yellow drot or whatever its called had a long arm with a parrot beak at the end. It went chomp / chomp / bang ect and before you knew it VH CZD was no more.

Richard Kranium
30th Oct 2002, 10:59
Well!...the pictures that rmm had posted are a testament..to what happens when Air New Zealand, or New Zealanders takes over your company, once a great airline, that was touched by the Midas touch of which only the New Zealanders have, may the "nogs of the pacific" rot in hell, this is proof of their legacy and their stewardship...Ansett took 66 years to build and only less than 18 months to destroy, what a proud achievement of New Zealand and her rotten Government.....:mad:

30th Oct 2002, 17:04
Hey Richard - I'm a Kiwi and I work for Qantas - what did it have to do with me? My Dad and sister are schoolteachers, what did it have to do with them?

Edit your post to read "under the stewardship of Selwyn Cushing and the Air New Zealand board"

30th Oct 2002, 21:38
good point Kiwicone.

AN's demise of course started long before A-NZ bought in....assets were stripped/sold way back by TNT and Sir Peter.
Wonder where all the $$ went from those sales???:rolleyes:

Baron Captain ?
31st Oct 2002, 04:16
Why couldn't the Bastards just donate it to someone like Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra?????????
Surely it couldn't be worth more than a couple of grand in scrap metal?????? By the time you add up the manpower cost to strip it!!!!!!.....
Ruthless ******s!!
& What about the Bae 146 that was sitting on an old taxiway near threshold of RWY 01 a few months ago??????

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Richard Kranium
31st Oct 2002, 04:51
Sorry to hear that you work for Qantas conehead I hear there is a s**t load of you in Q, I wonder how many Aussies fly for Air New Zealand, the fact remains, that this is the result after Ansett got involved with garbage. Im sure even your fathers dog and your sisters cat had nothing to do with it, show me one NZ company looking like that after the Australians have been there. As for watchdog, TNT and News sold Ansett as a going concern, no pictures of guns as I can remember at the heads of the ANZ board, tickets were sold in OZ and immediately transfered to the land of garbage, engines stripped, anything that was not bolted down was stolen in the night no decisions were made, under the stewardship of that diseased airline, Ansett just floundered, they knew quite well at what they were going to do, it was, if we can't have it, no one will, ANZ did not want Ansett around for SQ to pick up and compete across the Pacific, Q and ANZ were s**t scared, and for that poor excuse for a woman, who said "before we bought that limon" just goes to show the mentality and ignorance of the enzeds, I'm afraid if the cap fits wear it...the whole sad episode was one of rape and pillage.

Fris B. Fairing
31st Oct 2002, 05:41
Baron Captain ?

Thanks for the kind words about the Queensland Air Museum. Sadly I think CZD was too far gone even for QAM who can usually be depended on to save the aeroplanes nobody else wants. For what it's worth, over the years QAM approached Ansett to try to save an F-27 and an F-28, and in both instances our letters went unanswered. We do try but we can't save everything.


31st Oct 2002, 05:53
What a shame - I'd originally heard (albeit some time ago) that it was going to be used by Queensland TAFE (in a JV with Boeing?) as an instructional airframe...of course finding room may have been a problem but surely they could have kept something for instruction, e.g. major structure like the centre/wing box area???

Oh well, now we have the worldwide distinction of breaking up the first 737-300 not the result of an accident...a 16 year old airframe with only 43k hours/31k cycles. An unfortunate victim of industry timing and of course...accountants.


31st Oct 2002, 06:50
I find it difficult to believe that Richard K. can be so mis-informed.

I started flying with ANA and was there when Reg took over.

I flew one of the DC-3's when we took staff to Sydney to vote out Butler Air Transport.

I was quite senior when Abeles took over in the early 80's and attended many cocktail gatherings on the 17th floor when Abeles was picking our brains in order to try and run an airline.

Very early he started to sell off assets and lease back.

This was the begining of the end, about 20 odd years before final collapse.

Air NewZealand was just the nail in the coffin.

Later in 89, my seniority number was 007, and if some one had provided me with a silver bullet I could have probably solved the problem we had then.

I took up a position at SIA and at the first bussiness meeting I attended, my wife and I met Dr Cheong.
When he found we were Australians he welcomed us to Singapore and made a statement I will never forget.

He said there was no problem with the 1050 pilots who left just a problem with 4 management types who could not manage.

He also stated SIA would not consider Ansett unless they could get 51%.

So Richard, if you are going to make statements about the collapse of Ansett read a little history first.

Better still don't comment at all.

PS. I am the last Australian National Airways pilot still flying and hope to keep going a few more years yet.

50 years is up in January next

I hope you all have as satisfactory a flying carrear as me, just look forward and don't lament the past.

What's done is done, but the world is a big and wonderfull place and there are opportunities for those who open their horizons.

31st Oct 2002, 08:05
richard kranium! your username is so apt because you are in fact a ********!!!

do some homework buddy before you go espousing your ill informed opinions and insults to everyone.

you obviously have no understanding of why ansett really collapsed, sure air nz made some mistakes, so did ansett management. ive gone through all this before so i won't say it all again, we all know ansett was as much to blame for it's own demise as anyone else.

poor old czd

Richard Kranium
31st Oct 2002, 08:30
well Thank you topend3, beacuse thats exactly whats missing in the topend, who do you think Ansett management was when it collapsed, NO let me guess," Air New Zealand ", this is the remnants of what happens when you mix with garbage. in 18 months a S**T load could have been done. glastar, you have done well out of an aviation career, despite TNT, NEWS, and anybody else, pity I could not make to 007.......:mad:

31st Oct 2002, 09:00
You sad ba*#@rd, I hope your not still flying. If you are I hope you don't get to fly kiwis around. All my family are kiwis, we don't want to fly with you by accident, as none of us had anything to do with the demise of Ansett.

31st Oct 2002, 09:17
Im still waiting on advice of how to upload these images...lol

I'm still waiting for someone to advise me on how to upload the images...lol

Sorry for the double post...:D

Buster Hyman
31st Oct 2002, 12:41
Lozza. I think you need to have mastered the art of deleting duped posts, before we can show you how to upload images!! :D :D :D

Dick! Give it a rest. I'm as angry as you are, but we just end up going in circles. It's all been said before. :(

If you need to target someone, target the new accounting firm that's been listed as the one with the strongest growth potential. Target the one that has virtually guaranteed itself at least 3 more years of bleeding the Ansett cash cow. Target the one that is reducing our payout figure on a daily basis. Never mind the old PRlCKS, these are just as bad!:mad: :mad: :mad:

31st Oct 2002, 18:51

Check you private messages. I'll upload them with mine if you like.


31st Oct 2002, 20:04
Poor old CZD. So what was so wrong with this aircraft that it couldn't be brought back? Afterall, 31k cycles isn't that many, especially to be scrapped. Was it one of those 'Friday afternoon' build machines?

31st Oct 2002, 22:07
Well said, Buster, I despair of how long M&M are going to keep us hanging on. I found, while checking my bank statement the other day, that I had been paid the princely sum of $301.13 by the AN Administrators, no explanation by mail, e-mail or any other form of communication, what are we to think? Just keep on hanging on, I guess.

Kind regards,

TheNightOwl. :mad: :mad:

Tool Time Two
31st Oct 2002, 23:55
RK by name - RK by posting.

Ansett, as mentioned numerous times, was slowly poisoned from 1979.

All you who scabbed helped the process. Don't complain now.:cool:

Pole Vaulter
1st Nov 2002, 00:00
Two Tools,
This discussion was about and aeroplane CZD not about 89. Now you can start blaming the machine for continuing to fly without your gods in the cockpit. You really are a sick person Two Tools.

1st Nov 2002, 00:05
The answer is in your hands guys.

As creditors, take control back from their union mates, sack em, and appoint receivers who will liquidate and put it to death, quickly.
The assett values they keep feeding you and the Govt are as rubbery as the condom they are using on you and just aren't going to be realised anytime soon.

Crystallise the fact that you have all been gulled, accept that your "entitlements" have been spent on that crazy fox hunt and as I'm sure most of you have or are doing, get on with the rest of your lives.

CZDs fate is probably that of most of what's left and in any event only pays for the office Christmas Party.

Then agitate for a Royal Commission into the whole sorry administration fiasco and chasing the Board members and executives of the company who continued to trade the Company whilst they were patently insolvent.

Oh I forgot, the Aministrators traded away your rights on the latter, for enough funds to keep themselves going.

Meanwhile the ACTU gets a free ride, keeps their industry power base more or less intact and all financed with your entitlements.

I'm surprised that you are still able to sit down.:rolleyes:

1st Nov 2002, 00:18
Well said, Gaunty!

The future of the bones and dregs of Ansett - and the staff entitrlements - are solely in the hands of the creditors. I'm amazed the creditors continue to sanction and legitimise the rape and pillage of their own money and entitlements.

Richard Kranium
1st Nov 2002, 00:39
Thanks Buster, you are right, but it just erks me, a few of my F/O mates are in Q as S/O's, flying with some of these arrogant NZ national Captains, who seem to have a handle on everything that was wrong with Ansett, except for Air New Zealand, why are they here, why don't they go fly with Air Garbage, the fact is ANZ were standing there with the smoking gun, and for the other intellectuals, like tool man, it was under News and TNT that the 767, 737, 727LR orders were made, what is the legacy of Air Garbage, all you have to do is look at the photos posted by rmm. And yes Buster, one of the M's has to go around incognito at his holiday home, as I spoke to a person the other day who is his neighbour, and thats exactly what they are doing is milking it for what they can, as Kerry Packer said once about Alan Bond, "people like Alan come once in a life time", after this the 2 M's can be on easy street for ever. as for me still flying from the touchy Kiwis around the place, another quote from a F/O in Q taxing past the Ansett Terminal in SY "YES!!! I've been waiting 13 years for this", I'd be more worried about flying with that idiot, Ansett was a wonderfull company with exceptional people, service second to none, only to be stymied by a pathetic, stupid, incompetent New Zealand company.....:mad:

1st Nov 2002, 02:23
Buckshot- we used to call it CZ Dog but only cos it was a bit bent and flew a little sideways.I'm a bit worried because CZA-P were basically the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think CZA-L were 86 models and M-P about 88.

1st Nov 2002, 04:06
well, we all agree on one thing here - richard kranium is a dick- what sort of knob jockey chooses a username like that anyway????

1st Nov 2002, 04:41
My angst-o-meter is starting to approach the yellow zone, I think we have covered the AirNz/Ansett issues well enough before, so how about cooling it down a touch chaps.

The real enemy is not each other as individuals.

1st Nov 2002, 04:49
topend 3

Hello again.

On another post you claimed to be an exAN 747 pilot delivering pizza. Joking how the money was bad but the pizza good!

A bit insensitive considering that post on the welfare of Ansett employees.

Bit of pushing and proding we discovered you to be a Kiwi. As I said before, stop pretending to be an Aussie.

Amatuerish to get upset at the anti-AirNZ sentiments from aggrieved AN people. Especially considering your insensitive, and to some, offensive posts hiding behind the facade of an Aussie.

The role of NZ in the Ansett demise undeniable. The degree of responsibility is what is debatable. An evasion or denial of responsibility the definition of bludging.

Is New Zealand a bludging nation? I think Ansett another piece in the puzzle. The final piece for some Australians but for others, the next piece may be just around the corner!

Could really use another well equiped ally in the fight on terror.

1st Nov 2002, 05:31
gnadburger...not you again, my reference to being an ex an dri9ver was purely humourous and had nothing to do with my opinions surrounding the demise of an and airnz's involvement.

yes i am a kiwi and bloody proud of it, and no im not pretending to be an aussie.

i have never said airnz is at no fault for ansett's demise, the point i keep making is that ansett management was equally responsible for the fate of their own company, airnz made some mistakes of their own, i admit that but that is not the fault of 3.5 million innocent kiwis and no reason for the constant bleating on the part of you aussies.

as for you richard kranium, buy the book recording ansett's history - on sale from mid november, you might learn some facts as i think you are rather mis-informed as to events surrounding ansett's death. this seems a popular view running through tthe posts on this topic, which started as a simple reference to the break up of an aircraft...

Buster Hyman
1st Nov 2002, 07:49
Well, I know what I know first hand & I've heard plenty of other stuff, but, I formulate my opinions on what I know that are facts. Remember, it's the victors that get to write the history books. I'll trust my memory & save my dollars.

Gaunty, just the other day I was thinking of starting a groundswell to do just that. If only PWC were allowed to finish the job they started, I wonder if they'd like to come back?

It's time to kick a few heads people! :mad: :mad:

1st Nov 2002, 08:28
A few more picture's added thanks to Lozza2002. Not a pretty site to see a 733 turned into a 6 pack.


Crash & Burn
1st Nov 2002, 09:13
All pictures on one page here (http://www.cosmic.com.au/czd/) , also courtesy Lozza 2002!

1st Nov 2002, 09:45
It's almost obscene seeing those photos, almost like watching your granny naked.

Like all airliners, the dreams, reunions, partings, business, urgent family stuff, probably even the odd apprentice terrorist, the innumerable life stories that surrounded every passenger she proudly and routinely carried through the skies.

Now only a fading memory.

1st Nov 2002, 10:25
Arrive BN approx 0720 and noticed the frame sitting on the grass
Departed approx 0820 and she was nearly all gone!Very sad:confused: :confused:
Surely such a young fame would have been of use to someone,maybe as a freighter conversion etc.
What a waste!!!!!

Boeing Belly
1st Nov 2002, 10:54
When I joined Ansett in the early nineties it was a great company to work for. Morale was high, the aircraft were serviceable and the photo copiers always had paper in them. News Corp/ TNT were never going to make Ansett truly prosper, but they always seemed to tip just enough money into it to keep it going. When AirNZ bought the first 50% nobody worried too much. It soon became evident talking to Management ( from all areas) that AirNZ were considered by NewsCorp to be a "hostile" partner. When they got the other half it was like a thick fog had descended on the airline. It was so obvious to everbody, except AirNZ, that they had bitten off more than they could chew. They had neither the resources nor the skills to manage the combined airline. The day to day operations were affected by the chips on their shoulders. It was their way or no way. It went downhill so quickly. Once when you had the occasional MEL, now they were so numerous that some remarked it would be good if the stickers were grey instead of red. Far less distracting. Nothing ever got fixed. The sign-on computers would crash and stay down for a week or more. The printers in the briefing room would run out of ink and go days, even weeks, without a refill. They got rid of the company Doctor in Australia. The only one was in NZ. The flights were always late because you were forever waiting for an incoming flight so you could rob a spare part off them.(They would fix the "new" problem later). I remember sitting in Brisbane one night in a full aircraft (AirNZ also have the distinction of closing an airline that flew around more often than not full) waiting for the inbound from Melbourne so that we could rob a landing light off them. We had one MELd and the other went U/S on final. No spare landing light in Brissie. In fact no spare landing lights in Ansett. The engineers told me that AirNZ had cacelled a large spare parts order including the landing lights!!!! The rot may have started years ago, but it became terminal the instant AirNZ got their claws into us. I don't really dis-like Kiwis, that would be like saying all Germans were Nazis. They just suffer as a Nation from a huge dose of insecurity. Were as Australia is a Nation of winners, NZ for the most part is a Nation of losers. It's always somebody elses fault. "We bought a lemon" they say. Well, who made you? Kaptin M made a comment recently that he hated Ansett. Not so much the people ( a few excepted I suppose) but more the name as such. I have similar feelings. I don't hate Kiwis, even those that work for their airline, but I despise AirNZ and everything it represents. I really hope that those small minded lot over there don't let "that Australian airline buy into our National carrier" because I would like to see them fail. They won't be missed, the void would soon be filled.

1st Nov 2002, 12:48
Boeing Belly

Robbing Peter to fly Paul sounds familiar, just like the busted arse GA poverty mentality. Inevitably and ultimately self destructive.

1st Nov 2002, 14:05
Damn, that last post of Boeings' is a stinger.

Why didn't Ansett fall over before the sheepies grabbed 100%?

2nd Nov 2002, 23:11
you are a bitter, twisted man BB, nation of losers??? a bit harsh i think, after that underarm incident i called you a nation oif cheats for a few years i suppose....

2nd Nov 2002, 23:37
Air NZ may not have been the genesis of Ansetts demise, but they bought an Airline that needed saving and failed to do so. NOONE said it was a good idea for them to take 100%, but they insisted on exersizing there pre-emptive right. Almost instantly, every analyst I read said they had made a mistake and even Selwyn himself said they had paid to much for it.

It was not the first step in ANs demise, but was certainly the last.

As to CZDog, fairwell old freind, you were a good ship.

3rd Nov 2002, 02:17
I concur with BB on the state of play when ANZ took over. The place went into a spiral dive almost immediately. Before that things used to work very well. I would like to know how in the previous year with Mr Ed in charge we made heaps of dollars and the next year we went out backwards. As for BB's comments on Kiwis I dont have a problem with them;they are completely balanced people - they have a chip on both shoulders.;)

3rd Nov 2002, 04:59
In an attempt to get back to the original thread...
My understanding is that CZD was in the middle of having the forward pressure bulkhead replaced and it was simply not financially viable to get it back together.