View Full Version : Bomb Scare on BA SIN-LHR flight

29th Oct 2002, 13:00

Sketchy reports on the newspages and on UK Yahoo of a BA flight SIN-LHR diverting via Bombay due to a suspicious toiletry bag containing little more than a toothbrush, seemed as it sparked security alert and caused inflight diversion. :eek:

29th Oct 2002, 14:27
The report on the BA intranet gives a clear picture of everybody taking a rightly cautious view of a "suspicious" article on this flight. There will have been strenous efforts made to get the passenger(s) to claim the item but if nobody comes forward what would you do? Bear in mind the contents were not known until after landing and we are not dealing with an obvious "washbag".
No doubt the person who lost this on board will be feeling very sheepish for not owning up but is hardly likely to come forward now for fear of a very large bill!

30th Oct 2002, 12:09
To set the record straight, I'm well acquainted with one of the crew involved. The item was discovered several hours into the flight in one of the many catering bins onboard a 747. It was more than a toothbrush. It was a large wrapped package all alone in a bin. Dimensions approximately 8 inches by 8 inches by 17 inches. It fitted all descriptions of a 'suspicious' object that should not have been there. It's a good idea for amateurs not to tamper with items like this. Consultation took place with head office and it was agreed with the operating Captain that a precautionary landing take place without undue delay. NO emergency was declared, the passengers were informed that a precautionary landing was to take place (and why), and after landing an orderly evacuation took place on three sets of steps, followed by transport immediately to the terminal. The Indian Airport Authorities were superb and the military team inspecting the item quickly established that it was a large box of used Qantas Club washbags, presumably dumped in a bin for shipment from Singapore back to Sydney. Crew hours problems necessitated nightstop. Big problems getting hotel rooms for all as a major conference was underway. Not much drama. Flight continued as soon as an alternative crew were available.