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The Guvnor
13th Sep 2001, 23:17
I shouldn't need to remind people on here of the potential ramifications of this on our industry...

[quote]Several European tour operators say they have cancelled trips to the United States following the deadly attacks in New York and Washington.

The French union that represents travel agencies, SNAV, issued a statement advising its members to suspend ticket sales to the United States.

Europe's leading tour operator, the German company Preussag, says it has cancelled all of its flights to the United States until Friday while the Swiss tour operator Kuoni says it has scrapped flights until at least Sunday.

The head of the Paris-based Visit USA Committee, Michel-Yves Labbe, says he fears the attacks will have serious repercussions on the tourism industry in the short term.

"In the next three months, less people will want to travel to the US," he said.

Mr Labbe predicts however the fear sparked by the attacks will subside.

"People will head back there quickly enough because the Americans will do what is necessary in terms of security," he said.

He says other destinations are also likely to be affected by Tuesday's attacks, including the Middle East and Asia.

"The tourism industry is by nature very fragile," he said. "Already there are cancellation requests for scheduled trips mainly to the Middle East but also to Asia."

New York, which is the number one destination for foreign visitors to the United States, last year had a record 37.4 million tourists, 6.8 million of them from overseas, according to official figures.

The United States as a whole was expecting to welcome 52.9 million visitors this year, but industry professionals say that figure may have to be revised downwards in light of Tuesday's attacks.[quote]

Desk Driver
14th Sep 2001, 02:06
you won't be starting up for quite a while then Guv.

Airlines Tour Op's and many agents will fall.
We've got people stuck in Gander & Halifax in the care of the Red Cross and some sleeping on the aircraft. We've DC10's & 76's standing by to repatriate pax from Florida Vegas and the west coast,we're rerouting all mexico flts over the Azores as the great circular route poses an ETOPS problem with the closed airspace I belive. We have people in hotels in New York, Boston Chicargo, Philly all racking up accom costs (at no fault of their own) and Insurance will not cover a penny, but we've money aside for it. Many have not! Those that survive on Cashflow alone will fail first & soon. I think a major north american airline will also fail and prices to the US will Plummit. As it seems to be when not if America retaliate it will only get worse as no doubt threats of more violence will follow leading to pax staying home in their droves. This will speed up a worldwide recession without a doubt

You fly 'em
We'll struggle to fill em! :rolleyes:

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