View Full Version : Fair, Inc, Did I offend someone?

23rd Oct 2002, 17:17
Someone made a post about not being hired to fly for Fair, Inc in Japan because she is female. I made a reply to the post explaining the culture to her, and that there are only three female pilots that I know of in Japan.

Well, I looked for that post to add something to it and I cannot find it. Did I offend someone? It was not my intent to offend anyone, bash a culture, or bash women pilots. I was simply trying to explain the culture that I know so well. If I offended anyone, I truly apologize. I didn't think I put anything in the post that was offensive. I believe that any Japanese would agree with everything that I posted.

Amy, if you would like me to explain the culture in private, please send me a message.

To all, I apologize if anyone took offense.

23rd Oct 2002, 17:32
I don't think that is offensive. I don't recall the post. Most Japanese I know would agree that that has been the culture in the traditionally male-dominated society. I would go on to say, however, that things are changing for the better for professional women in Japan. Not as fast as some might like, but they are changing.