13th Sep 2001, 21:07
Channel 9 news has reported through the appointed administrators that the last Ansett flight has just left Perth. Qantas and Virgin are offering assistance to help stranded travellers. Stand by for more terrorism in the form of airfare costs.

13th Sep 2001, 22:53
ABC Bulletin: Fri, Sep 14 2001 4:29 AM AEST

Last-minute deal may save Ansett

Ansett Airlines may have been saved from immediate liquidation by a last-minute proposal being considered by three parties.

Negotiations are ongoing between the board of the parent company, Air New Zealand, the New Zealand Government, and administrators.

The ABC understands the board of Air New Zealand put forward a plan around midnight.

Full story at:-

ABC News (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2001/09/item20010914004024_1.htm)

Pom Pax
14th Sep 2001, 00:07
Sadly the first post is correct. The ABC site seems to running about 2 hours behind the news, it did not post the news of the suspension of operations until 5.17 EST some 2 hours and 20 minutes after I heard it live from the administrator on Channel 9 news.


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14th Sep 2001, 02:59
Yeah, i found out this morning at Ground Zero - at Melbourne. Our freight was offloaded, but it was quite a delay b4 we found out that the 'doors have closed' and we will not be loaded, which was around 0355 this morning. :confused:

14th Sep 2001, 04:20
Confirmed by all media today that Ansett has been closed down by the liquidator as daily operating costs were so high. Some employees were blockading all Domestic terminals at Sydney this morning. Along with no US arrival or departures the sky over Sydney is very quiet.

Pom Pax
14th Sep 2001, 04:54
Melbourne Ansett staff have gone one better than Sydney. They have surrounded an ANZ 747 with baggage trolleys and preventing push back. The flight is (was) taking Helen Clarke (N.Z. P.M.) to Europe. Must be the No 1 hostage required to get their due pay outs which ANZ are denying responsiblity for.

Helen Clarke in Dunnunda (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=12&t=006906)

They have had her for 2 1/2 hours now

Took 3 goes but I think I've mastered the instant URL thingey!

Before somebody says they don't go that way to Europe I assume they are operating westbound because the normal eastbound route is closed.

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14th Sep 2001, 07:03
surely suspending ansett flights must be a tactic to pressurise interested parties into making haste with their offers - while time ticks on ansett's aoc and their rights to routes.

otherwise, in an election year, it is hard to believe the gov't would stand by and let ansett just wither out.

i may be naieve, but there's got to be something fishy in all this, surely.

sniffer dog
14th Sep 2001, 07:33
ABSOLUTELY Good riddance former "89er"

14th Sep 2001, 10:30
Just heard that Emirates may be around to head Ansett II. Watch this space!!

14th Sep 2001, 12:33
Anyone know how many pilots stand to lose their jobs?

14th Sep 2001, 13:45
Does anyone know if other Regional Airlines are affected by Ansett ceasing operations?
A very sad day for Australia indeed....again!!!

14th Sep 2001, 14:19
Yes, all Ansett operations ceased this morning, including Ansett Australia, Ansett International, Kendell, Hazelton, Skywest and Aeropelican. (There may be others, that is all I can remember?)

Also their catering company, and later today most of Traveland, a major travel agency has ceased too.

engage left autopilot
15th Sep 2001, 05:56
Qantas are looking at taking the fleet of A320's, fully crewed. Reported in todays Australian. Ponders the question whether the pilots will be short term contactors or full time employees, and also how it effects promotion and the QF seniority system.

near enuf is good enuf
15th Sep 2001, 06:03
Anyone know owt abowt awas dhl 75 in Bahrain?

15th Sep 2001, 12:30
IF you mean in regards to Ansett ceasing operations?

AWAS have absolutely (pardon the pun) no connection to Ansett Airlines.

They are affected, as they have a number of Aircraft (10 I believe) leased to Ansett, but other than that it does not affect AWAS operations Worldwide.

15th Sep 2001, 13:29
Recon that'll make the recruiters at EK and air japan happy...lots of experienced blokes to choose from....

15th Sep 2001, 13:59
How is the Australian Government at fault?

Before Ansett Australia was sold to Air NZ, the government had many unsuccessful attempts to try and save the airline. The company itself was in huge financial trouble when it was sold to Air NZ. I can however, see a problem selling it to Air NZ who were already in financially trouble without the woes of Ansett. Maybe a more financially stable airline like Singapore would have been beneficial.

Air NZ should take fully responsibility for this failure. Air NZ saw Ansett as a chance to break into the Australian market. This however might even lead to the demise of Air NZ.
The company is not AUSTRALIAN owned anymore. The government is not going to buy an airliner that can never be profitable. Why would you spend AU$3 billion dollars to by a fleet that needs an automatic upgrade? An additional billion dollars perhaps? AU$4 billion?


The main problem laid in the fleet of aircraft. Many types required many very skilled engineers. Surely employers of Ansett knew this day was coming with no NEW aircraft being bought for many years. Ansett operated the WORLD’S second oldest fleet.

This time might be a benefit to Virgin Blue. Virgin can fill this huge gap left by Ansett and expand all over Australia. Only through this can a monopoly be avoided. Qantas now have Australia right in there palm with a 93% market share.

Ansett Australia as we know it, will never fly again. Hopefully Virgin and Qantas can help with the huge amounts of unemployed, skilled and dedicated employers of Ansett.

Good luck to all the families.

Sir Kitt Braker
15th Sep 2001, 16:40
Your last sentence a bit of a slip on this forum?

17th Sep 2001, 15:24
Administrator quits, plus other news from BBC this morning: