13th Sep 2001, 19:57
This attack was pulled of with a lot of precision and planning. I think everyone will agree with that. These people had unlimitted resources at their fingertips. That in mind I have the following question:

They had months to learn to fly and the money to do it....Why no fake ID and credit cards? Anybody knows how easy it is in the USA to assume an identity and get credit cards and drivers licenses under that name. They could have easily been ghosts.

They had to know that they would unleash the anger of a very powerful nation. In reality, there really is no border that anyone could hide behind that the US government couldn't beat down the door and get somebody.

13th Sep 2001, 20:09
You are thinking like a normal person who would be ashamed of what he did.

These people are PROUD of what they did and expect to be hero's of their people. They want the world to know who they are and what they stand for.

The western way of thinking will never be able to combat this sort of thing. This is a war, and the only way to prevent someone who is willing to die for their cause is to kill them first.


13th Sep 2001, 20:09
Speculation, but maybe they wanted to get caught? What better way to cause hell in the Middle East than provoking NATO into something, and there seem to be a rather deliberate set of pointers to the Arabic world, don't there? For example, why leave Arabic flight manuals in a hire car at Boston Airport? The hijackers now appear to have been of Middle Eastern origin, so it cannot be an attempt at misdirection. Why do it if you are trying to be covert? It's hardly going to be last minute revision...?

Like I said, speculation. Who knows?