View Full Version : Air NZ B747 returns to Heathrow with engine scare

25th Sep 2002, 09:57
An Air New Zealand Boeing 747 turned back an hour into a flight from London to Los Angeles.

The plane turned around after the crew reported a series of loud bangs from one of its four engines and excessive engine temperatures.

The Boeing 747-700 plane with 358 passengers on board returned to Heathrow airport after the engine was shut down.

It was the carrier's third flight safety incident this month.

Earlier, the same plane lost a section of wing flap taking off from Auckland Airport, in an apparent part failure.

Another plane lost an unsecured wing panel in flight after an inspection failed to spot that the panel had only four screws instead of the required 125. The airline admitted human error.

Air New Zealand spokesman Mark Champion says the engines on the jumbo jet had been thoroughly checked as part of regular maintenance.

He defended the airline's safety record, saying passengers could be assured it carried out rigorous checks.

"The recent safety issues are all very different in nature. In one we've acknowledged human error played a part. We have a very thorough maintenance programme," Champion said.

The airline will investigate what caused the engine to overheat. A replacement engine had been found, and the aircraft was expected to return to service within a day.

Source: Av News (http://luchtvaart.pagina.nl)

25th Sep 2002, 10:00
A Boeing747-700 was it? What have I been missing?:(;)

25th Sep 2002, 10:51
Thats why an NZ 744 was parked at the BMI Hanger yesterday night then. Wondered what it was doing there at that time of day.

25th Sep 2002, 12:24
Inflation! Try 747-400. RR engines, reg ZK-NBS

Anti Skid On
25th Sep 2002, 12:47
Been on the news here as the third serious Air NZ incident in 3 weeks.

First was the 767 that lost a section of flap.

Second, this B747, dispatched after having (I believe) hydraulic work done and the panel replaced, but only 4 of the 100 or so screws replaced (the engineer signed the work off as completed, his supervisor countersigned it; the panel was marked with red tape to indicate it was u/s. The walkround only visualised lower wing, not upper, so it was missed)

Then this one.

On the local nz.general newsgroup there is a thread suggesting QF and bungs, which I believe is total nonsense, especially since the three events are not related (no. 1 had a Boeing inspection notice issued re. fatigue in the mountings, no. 2 is operational and no. 3 powerplant, not airframe)

Still stranger things have happened.....

25th Sep 2002, 15:01
A friend who was on board says they were told that the engine had lost a blade. Very unspecific, and one wonders how they knew so quickly, but it all sounds consistent.

Most if not all pax seem to have been put into hotels overnight and reaccommodated on a wide variety of flights today. He is on today's NZ1. I've told him that he was obviously not meant to be emigrating to New Zealand and he should regard this as an sign. :)

Buster Hyman
26th Sep 2002, 02:33
They should've cut the engine adrift...for the good of the airline, of course!:rolleyes:

26th Sep 2002, 02:59
AntiSkid On
In the interests of accuracy, the bit off the flap was from a 744 also. The only thing that seems to stop ANZ B767s is birds down the engine. Reassuring for me, at least.:)

26th Sep 2002, 03:38
I've told him that he was obviously not meant to be emigrating to New Zealand and he should regard this as an sign.

...but Kiwis are flightless birds, of course...

Kaptain Krazie
26th Sep 2002, 19:52
Re the 'part-of-flap-loss' on this 744, the a/c (ZK-NBS) started its life with Cathay Pacific during the ANZ dispute re manning the 744 and, due to restrictions placed by ANZ on its lease conditions of use, was utilised daily for 18 months flying 4 sectors HKG-BKK-SIN and vv. On its return to ANZ at the end of the lease period, it was the highest used (sector wise) 744 in the world. I wonder how worn those flap tracks and flaps were, in the end?

Sex Kitten
27th Sep 2002, 03:03

Anti Skid On
28th Sep 2002, 09:42
A couple on board have also made the news - they were upgraded to first class, rerouted via Singapore and got back just 4 hours late - all for a discount economy fare!

28th Sep 2002, 10:01
I would think that JAL and ANA B747 " Classic " and B744Dīs have highest flight hour / Cycle ratio. Average sector lenght about an hour.