View Full Version : Romney Marsh - "Étrange" Aero Activities/£22m Cocaine Smuggling Pilots Jailed

19th Sep 2002, 03:08
Hellspite, my trusted friend, gallops to the Ship Inn, breathless, bringing news of strange air traffic at an unauthorised location in Romney Marsh. At least one evades but the Queen's Men catch another, a continental pilot no less - but only thanks to Interplod. Location of mobile cargo uncertain. Farmer's wife clocks the reg and dials 999, receiving a visit from Constable Knacker an hour after "departure" (excellent response Ashford!). As ever, news has spread wide and alive across the Marsh, yet, despite much trawling, I seem to find no mention elsewhere. Curious.

If I have stepped on a no-no (eg: D-Notice) email me ([email protected]) or PPRuNe HQ for instant removal (likewise if I missed the bulletin). Otherwise, it appears here on PPRuNe in plain language - today. Those who monitor from afar should speak now or forever hold their peace.

19th Sep 2002, 09:35
Do you mean a pilot who works for Continental or a pilot from the continent???

19th Sep 2002, 10:16
Are you trying to say that one of our Francophone cousins has been rumbled transporting illegals across La Manche? Quelle surprise.

19th Sep 2002, 12:13
Several years ago, a UK Immigration Service conference on aerial smuggling was told by an ex-crook that "There's as much money in immigrants as there is in drugs but it's easier to throw the drugs out of the window when the job turns to ratshit!" Fun, but the problem was considered serious and at least one immigration officer ended up touring around the Green&Pleasant countryside with a copy of Pooleys, "discreetly" checking on minor airfields for signs of "activity".

19th Sep 2002, 16:10
The man to call is Detective Inspector James Bigglesworth, CID at New Scotland Yard.

Biggles in Romney Marsh?

21st Sep 2002, 02:28
Flap40, no. It's a small "c", as written. Cahlibahn and especially steamchicken raised valid comments. People Trafficking (PTr), as it is now known, has been happening in the Marsh (though not exclusively there) since time immemorial, along with many other products, and is not exactly news, per se. The point about drugs and humans being of equal value is true and noteworthy. PTr now carries a potential life sentence, whether you be a truck driver, boat skipper or air pilot.

Back in the early 70s there was much PTr going on in the Marsh, predominantly of Indian/Pakistani origin and by boat. Local fishing skippers were targeted by the ringleaders and blackmailed, as in, "We know where your family lives." There were a few cases of aerial PTr, generally more mercenary, and the going rate then was around £30k for the pilot, let alone the organiser's take.

The current rate for a truck passage through the Chunnel is around £10k, whether or not one suffocates en-route. What the air ferry costs these days I do not yet know, but in view of the penalties it is fair to assume that it is not the preferred route of your average refugee (sic). This latest spate of arrivals appears to have been going on for a few weeks now.

Early this week, on the same day, two flights used a suitable inland field, arriving at impressively low-level and successfully departing likewise, in broad daylight! It is not yet clear whether the same aircraft was involved in both flights, but one group of pax and their waiting chauffeur were nobbled - the others were not. A local resident managed to clock the reg of one arrival which led to a subsequent arrest in Belgium.

In view of the costs and penalties involved, the received wisdom is that, for the price, these folks were sufficiently well-funded to arrive on a 1st class ticket, enter the UK in a dignified manner and reside indefinitely at the Savoy --- unless, of course they were already assured of a very warm welcome at LHR, as they say.

When Joe Bloggs has his ciggies and plonk confiscated at Dover, or a daily bunch of Albanians gets nicked at Cheriton, it merits an inch or two in one of the rags. Yet, 5 days on and not a peep (well, OK, I haven't seen today's Kentish Express). Meanwhile heads-up, guys, we all know how good security is these days :( IFR said yesterday that it reminded him of the Pearl Harbor fiasco. The UK also has an excellent reputation for apprehending villains after the deed is done.

More anon.

21st Sep 2002, 07:02
The going rate to traveltothe UK from Afghanistan is $6,000 USD and the route is via the old USSR down through Europe and in via either the tunnel or ferry. I personally know Afghans who have travelled this way, the scary thing is that their friends even knew what day and roughly what time they would be meeting them in the UK so that the could help them with arranging political assylum! I know another guy from Algeria who has been in this country for around 10 years as an assylum seeker claiming housing benefit and income support at the taxpayers expense! Bloody scandalous!!!!!

23rd Sep 2002, 13:38
I,and I hope everyone else hopes you have done the sensible thing and reported all this to the appropriate authorities?.If not, why not? anonymously,I would presume,otherwise,you`re as guilty as they are!! :mad: