View Full Version : American Offers Pilots Contract To Match Delta

26th Jul 2001, 07:13
American, in it's first round of contract proposals with it's pilots union, has offered to match the pay raise given to the Delta pilots recently.
The current contract is up on August 31st and AA are obviously very keen to get this thing done and dusted and avoiding any threatening disputes.

The immediate raise offered is 22%, (excellent!)
Interestingly the APA is focusing on safety issues including pilot fatigue. Indeed the APA president said their primary focus is improving safety of flight operations, noting pilot fatigue, scheduling and training improvements as top issues.

This could be a crucial negotiation as the AA pilots have shown that it's not just about "show me the money", they're highly concerned with the flight duty time limitations and other factors. If they are sucessful, and surely every pilot on the planet has their fingers crossed that they are, it could have a big knockdown effect to other carriers.

Way to go American pilots. So come on dallas dude, Wino et al, keep us informed about what's going down at Southfork.

26th Jul 2001, 07:37
Apologies, I didn't know Cyclic Hotline had posted a thread on this earlier.

26th Jul 2001, 07:52
It is okay. Good news for all of us.

(Wino, I know ya will be reading this, uh, my e-mail server is about out of business: Juno.com. I went back to work and got my type rating on the B-757/767. See ya on the line.)