View Full Version : Ryanair Again - No such thing as a free meal

11th Sep 2002, 00:50
We had to arrange a special charter tonight for a group of 35 pax who got stranded by FR. Not sure whether FR cancelled the their flight to Arhus ? One thing's for sure, this blue chip company is unlikely to book with these leprechauns again, now they found out how cheap 'all-frills' ' chartering can be. :D :D :D

near enuf is good enuf
11th Sep 2002, 04:56
So did you guys go out there out of the goodness of your hearts or did FR pay your wages for the day ?

11th Sep 2002, 08:14
Charterguy - terrific level of detail there chief - you appear to be really up to speed. What exactly are you talking about? Do "blue chips" deserve special red carpet treatment or something? Did they charter a FR aircraft in the first instance and it didn't show? (I doubt it - but your post is lacking in detail and sense). What were the terms and conditions of their original booking on a regular flight? Was it cancelled? (You don't even appear to know the answer to that one!)

What nonsense are you talking??? What's your point? It would appear based on various price lists - that in this world - you get nothing for nothing. Tell me - where I can get my free meal?

Please give a reasoned argument to support your rant. Currently you appear merely to be peeved and venting your spleen - incoherently. This is commercially damaging stuff here - I'm sure. Perhaps you can enlighten us?

FR Bashing - tut tut.

Black Ops again (hamfisted mind you) - oe worse - bashing for bashing sake.

11th Sep 2002, 08:56
Ryanir did not cancel any flights to Aarhus yesterday or today, both flights went out bang on time yesterday, this mornings flight was on time and this evenings flight is on schedule.

Those are the facts, it's that simple.

Give it up Charterguy, you're clutching at straws.

11th Sep 2002, 09:15

Not sure whether FR cancelled the their flight to Arhus ?

So the flights went bang on time ? Perhaps overbooked then ?

11th Sep 2002, 10:34
Charterguy next time you get called out on standby you might want to rant on PPrune when you get some facts.