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5th Sep 2002, 23:03
Today, (5th Sep) exactly 1 year after the closure of BA's maintenance facility at MAN was announced, the staff have been served written notice of compulsary redundancy.
The engineering staff at all UK stations will be balloted on industrial action in the near future!

This is a very sad day, one which I hoped I would never see.

Unfortunately the engineering management could not run a f*** up at a brothel and deserve all they get.:mad:

6th Sep 2002, 00:52
The real irony of it is that BA is desparately short of Engineers...So what do they do with their valuable resource ??? .........threaten them with Compulsory Redundancy................meanwhile they are still outsourcing engineering work to other companies.

If there are any university students researching mis-management within the UK.......just observe the antics of the Waterworld stars !!!!!

P.S. Seen the job in the Beano for the "MENU EXECUTIVE " ???

:eek: :eek: :eek:

6th Sep 2002, 07:43
This is not a threat, it is now in writing, all the Manchester gardeners have been given three options in writing:-

1 Take a job at LHR on a lousy outdated redployment agreement.

2 Take the voluntry redunacy that was offered, three weeks for every year upto a max of 19 weeks.

3 Or on the 15th Sep you WILL be made Compulsary redundant using goverment statutary minimum figures.

And this final figute is less than 1000 for some people.

The Engineering ENF has called for a ballot for industrial action if the company enforce this.

The good news is that BA under new JAR rules will NOT be able to re-issue approvels to manergment as they did during the last strike at LHR because anybody certifying an aircraft must prove that he has worked an aircraft for 6 months in the last 2 years.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

6th Sep 2002, 08:25

Having ahd a totally shambolic day last week due to lack of engineers at LHR we are all behind you. At first we were cross that our aircraft had stood all night with a none dispatchable item, but when we saw the looks of exhaustion on the engs' faces after a whole night trying to run round souping up aircraft long enough to get them to fly the next day, we really felt sorry for them.

BA pilots fully support BA engineers. We understand you are an essential part of the operation and that you are being shafted. (Please, Hovis, remember this when the pilots try to make their own lot a bit better later in the year.)

6th Sep 2002, 10:38

It is appreciated, furthermore maybe we can do something about this now before it strikes (no pun intended) the rest of the airline.

I do not want to see the airline go under, after all I am a shareholder:confused: But the engineering staff at MAN, not to mention BFS,BHX and LGW have been treated very poorly over the last 12 months, and deserve better.

7th Sep 2002, 08:30
The Engineers served with Compulsary notices' will on Monday be picketing outside the TUC Conference in Blackpool, feelings as you can imagine are running high so any support in what ever form will be much appreciated.

regards the MFF:( :( :(

7th Sep 2002, 18:26
Could the reason BA are offering Statutary Mimimum redundancy terms have something to do with their impending demise from the FTSE 100 next Tuesday?
Who will be next?:confused: :confused: :confused:

7th Sep 2002, 19:24
Flying Banana.

Try www.airmech.co.uk

A and C
8th Sep 2002, 10:05
Having participated in the last two big strikes at BA I have a few words of advice.

First as soon as the strike starts get eny job you can because you are now entering an economic war with BA and the more money that you have the longer you can last and so the more pressue you can put on them , It is most important that you remember that despite what they say you cant be replaced in the short or medium term as there is a lack of skilled engineers on the market.

Second and MOST IMPORTANT you must NOT under any circumstances stand on a picket line , once the management see you all standing around an old oil drum burning bits of old wood they will know they have you where they want you , If you are not on the picket line they have to make the assumption that you have other work and can last out for ever.

Remember that there is life outside BA an it may well be much better than the management would like you to think !.

good luck to you all.

9th Sep 2002, 15:10
. . . Thinking of you guys, good luck !

9th Sep 2002, 16:11
How come they can issue compulsory redundancy notices to the engineers at MAN yet they have a plethora of surplus senior managers at Compass Centre sitting around on mega bucks playing with the internet and their corporate mobile phones when they deign to show up at all? These people havn't been given CR notices and they won't even help anyone else in the office because they are too emotionally highly strung and stressed out.

The way this company treats non-managerial staff, and yes I include flight crew in that category because it is obvious that the management are hardly even paying lip service to the senior manager on board crap, is disgusting, demeaning and is enough to make all of us want to go out on strike. Hey what a great idea!!!!


10th Sep 2002, 11:08

There are at present approx. 900 cabin crew either stood down or on "gardening leave" and another 600 on careerlink, (For those not of BA, careerlink is a way of finding alternative work within the company when your job is redundant). They have been in this condition in some cases for over 2 years!!!

So why are 30 engineering staff at MAN being targeted with compulsory redundancy? They have only been stood down since April1st! :confused: :mad:

14th Sep 2002, 11:01
The reason the 30 at MAN are being targeted is because as of 5th Sep 2002 the BA management tore up the redeployment agreement.
The 30 at MAN are the first of many unless something is done about it.
The redeployment agreement affects ALL British Airways staff.

The idiotic thing about all this is that if they had stuck with the original agreement back in 2001 then we would not be in this position now.

It was good enough for the flight engineers last year why not for the rest?

Furthermore, on Thursday and Friday(13th) this week the BA management suddenly started to make available other jobs within BA at MAN, however the affected staff still have to make a decision on whether or not to leave the company or move to LHR by 1700hrs on Monday16th September!!!

Sounds a bit unreasonable to me. :mad:

15th Sep 2002, 02:00
I'm sure that you will have the full support, sympathy and understanding of all of us on the flight deck. Good luck

17th Sep 2002, 17:56
Evening all

If it comes to it and there is a strike called you will probably expect us OSE's to step in and save the day for the company. :rolleyes:

I have to say that we have been well and truly stuffed over the past year or so. We will do our best to support the cause. If you hear of us working dont worry.......

We can nail an a/c to the floor just as easily as we can send one back to LHR with two engines inop'ed and a wing missing!!!

Its time the company realised we cant be shafted.

Good luck guys.

You can count on our support.


Human Factor
17th Sep 2002, 18:51
Support your local engineers:

1. Every defect in the book at BASE.

2. No ACF out of base.

All the best.