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22nd Apr 2024, 15:13
Not sure if I selected the correct forum but are there any tricks/techniques how to fly a visual approach ouf of a non standard position, if you cannot join and enter the downwind pattern but have to fly it "freestyle"? In my younger days we flew what nowadays I'd call "Wild West Visuals". Normally hot and high, throwing everything out to get a good ROD to be stabilized when turning inbound at the OM. No Briefing, just feeling and reacting, "whatever it takes". Then I switched to an Airbus fleet. Visuals were trained now out of a downwind position (1500ft, abeam, etc).
But what if I am in a position where I cannot join the downwind? Are there any "techniques" you use?

Thanks in advance

22nd Apr 2024, 17:57
Read the short story in the book "Sky Talk', called 'The Undertaker's Wind'. There is a description there of how to devise a gate for the start of a visual approach into a 'dark hole' with scarcely any aids.

22nd Apr 2024, 18:45
Runway length 12,000, at one runway length height should be 600 AGL
Runway length 6,000 , at two runway lengths height should be 600 AGL, one runway length 300.
With a 9000 runway at one runway length height should be 450 AGL
These are all applications of the 1:3 rule