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11th Mar 2024, 00:06
Why do tyres keep getting punctures.
We did 700 hrs on our Tomahawk before it died. We got through 7 tyres in 3 covid years, if not more. Seemed like every other month.
Only two because worn out.

Prior to that we had Warrior, it went through about several tyres in a year.
Go back say 6-7 years never had any punctures.

Back in early 90's we had fleet of 5 Warriors, never saw a flat tyre in 4 years we had them.
What's going on?

11th Mar 2024, 01:33
Tube or tubeless?
Inner tube can get pinched in the rim and cause a flat as well as other causes.
Our maintenance engineer used talcon powder(?) between tube and outer tire.

11th Mar 2024, 01:39
Talcum powder?

11th Mar 2024, 01:45
Talcum powder?

Tomato potato ?
Just say it quickly.