View Full Version : FI refresher course FI A for Helicopter

24th Jan 2024, 16:56
Hi all,

Quick question; Am I allowed to go to a FI refresher given by a fixed wing ATO to comply with requirement in FCL 940 for my FI (H) renewal? (EASA and UK CAA)

Bonus question:
And does it also apply for TRI/SFI? Can I go to a Fixed wing EASA ATO as TRI/SFI (H)? (EASA)

Find FCL a bit vague on this.



p.s.I just need the certificates no signature on licence needed.

25th Jan 2024, 19:42
Are you dual qualified?

26th Jan 2024, 07:53
I have met FI(H) colleagues at some FIRC sessions I've gone to... and I'm FI(A). From your location I would suggest giving WoH at EHLE a call.

26th Jan 2024, 08:43
If you are dual qualified you can chose which one you do, but if not, I doubt a Seminar Provider will let you enrol.