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Mach Jump
14th Jan 2024, 16:23
Very sad to hear of the death of David Cockburn.

Those who knew him will remember him as a true stalwart of the GA community, and an indefatigable advocate for flight safety.


Genghis the Engineer
14th Jan 2024, 18:44
Indeed. I'd known David for at least 20 years, and he was always on top of his subject, and always an utter gentleman to deal with. Very much one of the great and good of our community.


14th Jan 2024, 22:54
A lovely man. A very knowledgeable flying instructor and an excellent presenter who always knew how to find his light, never in the shadows. He will be greatly missed and unlikely to be replaced.

15th Jan 2024, 07:43
If this is the Dave Cockburn I knew who flew Jet Provosts at RAF finningley in the early 80’s?
He was one of my gliding instructors at Humber Gliding Club at Lindholm until 1982, learnt quite a bit from him. Nice bloke, sad to hear of his passing.


15th Jan 2024, 09:50
RIP Cockburn. Such tragic news.