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13th Jan 2024, 19:41
Is any credit given to someone holding a Class Rating Instructor (CRI) if upgrading to a Flight Instructors Rating under either E.A.S.A. or U.K.C.A.A,

13th Jan 2024, 20:02
No credit for those unable to research the regulation.

13th Jan 2024, 23:00
ASK-13, see FCL.930.FI(c).

About the only credit you would be granted is from the 25 hours of teaching and learning part of the FI course.

Genghis the Engineer
14th Jan 2024, 08:05
I did exactly this about a year ago, with a current CRI and around 300 instructor hours. All I got was 25 hours TK credit for the T&L content. I enjoyed and needed the course and got a good skilltest pass, but probably actually needed 60% of the required hours to cover the flying syllabus. I did need most of the TK hours as there is a lot to learn about all the PPL syllabus individual lessons and their delivery.

I also nearly got tripped up because my FIC instructor didn't think I needed a pre-entry test, as I was a current instructor (and in fact had on one occasion instructed him!, albeit only for a type checkout so that he could then examine one of my students on that type.) That proved untrue also.

I subsequently learned that for people like us it is possible for the ATO to make an individual case to CAA for a reduced syllabus. Learning that was too late for me, but you might discuss it with your FIC school to see what's possible.