View Full Version : EASA revalidation of approach qualification

28th Dec 2023, 07:10
Hi guys, in EASA-land in 2023, for revalidation of PBN, EFVS-A and CAT II qualification on MPL ATPL, how many approaches are required as a minimum for LPC and how many for OPC? I am not sure what is the correct figure. Even ATOs and TREs do use completely different figures, between two up to eight as minimum. Any thoughts?

Some requirements can be combined, but what is the absolut minimum number of approaches.

AMC1 ORO.FC.230 Recurrent training and checking
AMC4 SPA.LVO.120(b) Flight crew competence
AMC6 SPA.LVO.120(b) Flight crew competence
but also
Annex I FCL Appendix 7 BIR and IR skill test
Appendix 9 Training, skill test and proficiency check for MPL, ATPL, type and class ratings, and proficiency check for the BIR and IR