View Full Version : UK CAA proficiency check with expired medical

28th Nov 2023, 05:37
Can anyone confirm me that under the UK CAA it is possible to perform a MP aircraft proficiency check with an expired medical? The type rating on my license is still valid, but the medical expired a few months ago.

I regularly fly on a EASA license (type rating with same expiry date) and whilst I've been a UK CAA license holder for little over 8 months now, I am still unfamiliar with the UK CAA.

28th Nov 2023, 06:18
There is no need for a medical for a multi pilot LPC/OPC, you just can't use it until you get one. I always ask the examiner what licences they're allowed to sign and get as many signed off as possible. Just remember to get a CAA/EASA medical at least every 5 years to avoid doing another initial.

28th Nov 2023, 11:55
Thanks, I will try to understand what I need to print out in terms of paperwork then (report form, checklist, etc.).

28th Nov 2023, 21:35
SRG 1158, 2199, photo id.

5th Dec 2023, 18:09
Deltahotel, thank you!