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28th Nov 2023, 01:01
Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions I have (I know I could just contact the UK CAA directly, but Iím currently out of the UK (so the phone call would cost a fortune) and they take a while to respond to emails).

So the situation is that I hold a TRI rating (B747) on my UK licence which is due to expire at the end of April and Iím interested in keeping it valid.

First question is, does an TRI Instructor Refresher training course have to be completed at a UK ATO? - I know that sounds like a stupid question but looking at the UK CAA website it states under Type Rating Instructor Revalidation:

A certified copy of your licence

A copy of the Assessment of Competence Examiners Report, if completed an AOC

A copy of the non-UK Examiner's licence, examiner authorisation and medical (if completed an AOC and the Examiner is not approved by the UK CAA).

Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate (CAA5018 or ATO equivalent), if refresher training completed

A copy of the non-UK ATO approval (if completed refresher training and the ATO is not approved by the UK CAA)

So Iím wondering if this wording is a throw back to before the UK left EASA, or if it still applies?

Second question, if I have to do an Assessment of Competence, does it have to be carried out in a UK CAA Approved simulator? (So in my case Iíd be stuck with the B747 simulator at British Airways Flight Training, because Iím fairly sure Lufthansa Flight Training donít bother to keep their simulators UK Approved now).

The annoying part for me is that I last instructed on the B747 in early March 2023, which therefore doesnít comply with the following with my end of April expiry date:

A TRI rating is issued with a validity of 3 years. However, a revalidation can be completed within the last 12 months of the expiry date. Therefore, the new expiry date of a further 3 years will be calculated from the current expiry date of the TRI rating when completed within the revalidation period.


To revalidate a TRI (A) rating applicants are required to complete at least two out of the following three requirements, within 12 months preceding the expiry date of the TRI rating:

(i) Conduct one of the following parts of a complete type rating or recurrent training course: simulator session of at least 3 hours or one air exercise of at least 1 hour comprising a minimum of two take-offs and landings.

Really appreciate any help anyone can offer with this.