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Egg Mayo
2nd Sep 2002, 20:11
During a documentary broadcast on BBC 2 (UK) on 1 September 2002 on 9/11, some members of the Press travelling with President Bush that day commented that the E4 take off and climb was almost 'vertical'. This begs a question or two.

Obviously, one has to be careful not too 'over rotate' on take-off and get a tail scrape and stall during the climb phase.

Therefore, what are the normal pitch angle of a B747 at take off, and how far can the angle of attack be pushed during the ascend be pushed?

I hope you can see what I'm driving at.

2nd Sep 2002, 22:59
It depends on the weight of the plane, but it'll vary between about 12 and 16 odd.
You can go to a MUCH higher angle before it's a problem, but anything past 20 odd and it'll just run out of elevator power and shake & shudder it's way upwards.
And you should know better than to accept the words of the world's most powerful moron!
Bad Egg! :):)

Egg Mayo
5th Sep 2002, 19:20
Er 18 Wheeler, the 'words of wisdom' were actually uttered by a member of the Press in President Bush's entourage.

I think the mere mention of the word 'Press', clarifies the position!

But seriously, thanks for the answer.