View Full Version : A320 manuals

2nd Sep 2002, 19:03
Does anyone know where I can acquire Airbus manuals for the A320? Not an airline manual but the Airbus published ones?

2nd Sep 2002, 21:38
explain exactly what you want them for...and I may be able to assist.

6th Sep 2002, 11:28

To pick up the thread, if anyone knows where there are copies of .pdf files of the airport compatibility manual or 'airplane characteristics for airport planning' manual (as Boeing calls them) for the A320 family, including if possible the A319 and A321, I'd appreciate a copy or a URL for download.

I want them for airport planning and runway design. What is available from other sources is pretty limited, and the Airbus website is bereft of anything except the A380 manual.

The Airbus manual non-availability contrasts acutely with that of Boeing's policy, who have the complete family's set of manuals freely available on the Internet. I have megabytes of the Boeing manuals (like most airports people) and use them often. Yesterday was a 747-400 runway design for a swampy area in Africa, and today was a 727-100 question. Tomorrow (looking at my e-mail) is a 747-400 performance/economics issue. All of which the manuals get used for.

Of course, the simple engineering answer is to be conservative. Just assume that the Airbus is a little slower, heavier, larger, ground-hugging, more jet blast, under-braked, carrying fewer passengers (but fatter and heavier), with less fuel efficiency
- than the equivalent Boeing model :p