View Full Version : FAA ATPL from ICAO recommendations

16th Nov 2023, 10:18
Hi All,

I'm looking for recommendations please, to do an FAA ATPL from ICAO ATPL with a type rating.
I have a newly renewed ICAO ATPL and want to do an FAA license, preferably with instructors rating and to revalidate my A320 or 330 rating.
I have not flown since 2020, with the last OPC in late Aug 2020 on an Airbus.
I won't need classes for the theory, just Sim stuff.


16th Nov 2023, 13:52
I have a newly renewed ICAO ATPL.../...with the last OPC in late Aug 2020What do you mean by renewed?

29th Nov 2023, 17:38
You need to meet the same requirements as anyone getting an initial ATP in the US: ATP-CTP course as a prerequisite for the knowledge test, pass the knowledge test, and train for and pass a practical test.

You can do this in 2-3 weeks with some planning. It can be done in a light twin. Probably cheaper than in a sim for a type rating. You can do ATP-CTP with Delta, then just drive 20 miles to Accessible Aviation in Hampton, GA, as an example.

If you truly have some benefit from doing it in a sim for a type rating in something you already fly, I think there are some options that way. Look for a place that will do ATP-CTP in the same kind of sim you are already in and work with them to get a head start and just roll right into the TR course.

Look up what the visa requirements are for this. And TSA.