View Full Version : A320 using of fuel x feed

Tarek harb
1st Oct 2023, 17:46
Hello everyone one

i have question regarding using the fuel x feed when losing fuel pump 1+2 in one side .

in A320
ECAM ask to switch on the fuel x feed on if the failure occurs above FL 150.

Letís say you climbing passing 10000ft you lost both pumps in one side , can you switch the fuel x feed on and continue flight

and why ecam ask to switch on above fl150

1st Oct 2023, 19:35
They want us to do GFF. Most likely to avoid imbalance edge cases and crew stuff ups.

Though the number itself - strictly FL150 - is most likely for procedure simplification reasons. Check the Gravity Fuel Feeding procedure. FL150 is the 'lowest denominator'.

Blessed heart, enjoy.