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8th Sep 2023, 03:01
I've always been under the impression that the ICAO aiming point markings on a runway longer than 2400 m were situated 400 m (1312 feet) beyond the runway threshold. However, I have since found that this is not always the case. I primarily operate in Australia and have noticed a signficant variance in where these markings are situated. For example, at YSSY I measured the distances from threshold to the beginning of the aiming point markings using Google Earth as follows:

16R - 400 m
34L - 400 m

07 - 430 m
25 - 450 m

16L - 340 m
34R - 340 m

At YMML I measured as follows:

34 - 400 m
16 - 560 m

Why is there such a variance and if pilots are using the aiming points for their touchdown point does this throw their landing distance calculations out of the window?

8th Sep 2023, 07:43
According to Annex 14, some variations around 400 m are allowed.

5.2.5 Aiming point marking
Location The aiming point marking shall commence no closer to the threshold than the distance indicated in the appropriate column of Table 5-1, except that, on a runway equipped with a visual approach slope indicator system, the beginning of the marking shall be coincident with the visual approach slope origin.


And regarding performance - there is another thread related to that issue:

8th Sep 2023, 08:13
Many thanks!

13th Sep 2023, 01:52
BTW, in the nonstandard ICAO USA, the box starts at 1,000’. I remember the C/T squad in the Fragrant Harbour couldn’t wrap their heads around this fact and erroneously wrote pilots up for landing long in Anchorage.