View Full Version : EASA FI seminar struggle

7th Sep 2023, 09:46
Hi there,

On the back foot trying to find a place that will do a EASA FI seminar before 30th September.

Could anyone put me in the right direction?

7th Sep 2023, 12:50
Are they not online?

7th Sep 2023, 13:36
Are they not online?

trying to find a school that will.

10th Sep 2023, 07:00
The Danish authority runs an instructor seminar in Roskilde tomorrow and Tuesday, 09:00 to 16:00. Details here (https://examiner.dk/Calendar/Instructor-seminar?event=Instructor+Seminar+(cycle+2023-2026)+-+In+English&eventid=ec69f50a-b727-4550-b7da-415509511984).

10th Sep 2023, 11:19
Have you asked Chris @


Genghis the Engineer
10th Sep 2023, 15:17
Presumably too late for you, but On-Track in the UK have one 3/4 October both in-person and online.


11th Sep 2023, 12:31
The seminar is supposed to include practice of classroom instructional techniques. Does that still happen if the seminar is done via Zoom? And if so, how is it realistically even possible?

12th Sep 2023, 16:56
The Ontrack Seminar 3/4 Oct is not online! It is live at a venue. They alternate between on-line and face to face. Never too late to register.

At an online seminar you have breakout groups where an Instructor can pose questions for members of that group, much the same as they would at a face to face venue.