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Level Attitude
6th Sep 2023, 19:01
1) According to all the CAA paperwork I have looked at, the initial IMC / IR(R) Skill Test requires only one Approach to be tested - However a second (different) Approach must have been signed off, as satisfactory, by the Instructor, during the IMC course.
To save the Examiner from having to decline to test (as the course was not complete): I have always believed that if this second Approach has not been signed off, the candidate could still be tested - but would then be required to satisfactorily demonstrate two (different) Instrument Approaches to the Examiner during the actual Skill Test.
Can someone confirm whether, or not, this is the case and (please) provide a reference for their answer?

2) If only one Approach is tested during an IMC / IR(R) Initial Skill Test or Renewal/Revalidation Proficiency Check:
What do Examiners tend to put in the 2nd Approach Box on the Examiner Report Form - Nothing, "N/A", the date the second approach was completed to the satisfaction of an Instructor ...??
(I am thinking that, especially for Initial Skill Test, the CAA wants to see that the Examiner has checked that all requirements for Rating Issue have been met)

Mach Jump
6th Sep 2023, 21:41
It's always been my understanding that 2 approaches is the standard test for both situations, and one can be deleted if it has already been certified in the candidate's logbook by an instructor. I'll try to find a reference for that, but the IMC/IRR is such misfit rating that I doubt I can find anything definitive.


PS I put NA in that box.

12th Sep 2023, 17:47
The latest edition of Stds Doc 25 was issued on 1st September
Test Exercise - Instrument Let-Down and Approach This part of the test shall include:
1. One let-down and approach to an active airfield using a notified, recognised civil or military procedure to the agreed DA/H or MDA/H using pilot-interpreted aids
2. A missed approach procedure

For the revalidation Test:
4.2 Before taking the revalidation or renewal flight test, the applicant may show logbook evidence that, in the period between initial and/or revalidation flight tests, he has successfully completed a let-down and notified, recognised approach to DH/MDH, a go-around and a missed approach procedure, using an aid of a different type from that to be used during his revalidation or renewal test. This shall have been accomplished to the satisfaction of an instructor qualified to teach for the issue of an IR or IR(R) and countersigned by the FI/IRI as such. Alternatively, the applicant may carry out two approach procedures using different aids during the revalidation flight test