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6th Sep 2023, 12:02
Hi All,

After a conversation of a cuppa yesterday in the club, an FI and I were talking about the ‘move to digital’ re rating revalidation, in this case, SEP by experience, and for once, I had a question to which the answer was unknown!

FI told me the old adage of the candidate who didn’t send off their SRG 1157, but my question was say that a candidate completes the hour with an instructor and then updates their license accordingly with the e-Licensing portal which in turn will tell them that the rating is ‘active’ along with its expiry date, but then forgets to send off the SRG 1157, surely the CAA will have it on record that their rating is valid, as to update a rating validity, one has to insert the CAA reference number of the FI/CRI FCL.945 and the ‘new’ dates?

Stumped us both!

Mach Jump
6th Sep 2023, 21:17
After more than 4 decades dealing with CAA Licensing, I can assure you that, no matter what you send them, they will still be unable to find any record of any ratings included in your Licence, or any renewals/revalidations you may have carried out That's if they can find any record of your Licence at all!
Keep your own Licence safe. It may well be the ONLY record of ratings you hold, and their validity. :eek:


12th Sep 2023, 19:40
Provided the licence is revalidated (signed) then thats it. A lot of people have failed to send in the 1157 and there is no need to complete the SRG3108 if the FI/Examiner signs the licence. The requirement for the hour dual can be any number of flights totaling one hour, no need for a 1 hour flight. The CAA seems reluctant to dig out data even if they have it!