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5th Sep 2023, 14:41
Just dipping my toe in the shark infested custard . . .

Any idea what would be required to get an LAPL from an APTL (heavy jets) having not flown for twenty years?

I.e. how many hours to revalidate and would I have sit any writtens?

Comments welcome.


6th Sep 2023, 08:12
I'm not going to be able to provide you with a complete answer... but here are two things to consider:
- I don't think you can get a LAPL in the UK, as that is strictly an EASA licence.
- You already have a licence, but the ratings on it have lapsed and there is no SEP rating on it, or not anymore. So what you're looking for is the training requirements to get a SEP rating. I suspect that it's going to be something like 'training as required' to achieve the needed proficiency.

Another thought just popped into my head: if you haven't flown for 20 years, what type of licence do you have? Is it an EASA licence or older? I think we need Whopity in here to get a better answer and part of it is probably going to be: sit down at an ATO with a friendly instructor and discuss what you would need/like to do to feel comfortable in an aeroplane again.

6th Sep 2023, 14:04
Thank you for the kind reply.

It's a UK CAA ATPL (A) - last type was a B767 - 200 landed in 2003 . . .

I've had a look at the Flight Crew Licensing website but couldn't find the answer. A common sense chat with a flying school sounds fine if that suffices. I'm a bit wary of approaching the Authority straight off as I guess that things are more complicated these days and I haven't paid any attention to aviation since I moved on.

To my surprise I still have the same bug I had when I was in my teens so want to give it another look. An LAPL would suffice for all I want to do and can afford!

I think I'll pop along to my local airfield and sound them out.

Cheers, Spartacan

6th Sep 2023, 15:05
If you already hold a licence I believe you just need an SEP rating. Training as required then test. Exactly the same as you'd need for LAPL but you'd get PPL and CPL.

12th Sep 2023, 21:07
First question, Did you have SEP or Group A on your ATPL? A 2003 National ATPL will have expired so you will need to have a new licence issued. If you have SEP or Group A then all you need is to do training to pass a Prof Check and apply for a reissue of the PPL privileges on a Part FCL licence. Unless you have a medical restriction there is no point going for a LAPL.