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24th Aug 2023, 14:24

I'm an examiner and have a candidate wanting to do an SEP initial test with me.

He already holds a UK frozen atpl (CPL), but has never held an SEP as his training was integrated.

Can someone give me some help with what paperwork I need to give them?

I believe they already have a course completion certificate, on top of that I suppose the caa will need to reissue their license since SEP is a new rating for them ?

Thanks in advance

25th Aug 2023, 00:01
As he holds a UK licence he can only do his SEP test with a UK Examiner.

31st Aug 2023, 08:16
I am a UK Examiner, I'm more looking for some advice on what paperwork is required.

I believe I need to fill in form SRG 2199 and the candidate will need to complete the application online? (through SRG3108)? Is this correct?

31st Aug 2023, 10:49
Your pilot will need to submit a Course Completion Certificate (SRG1107) - a gotcha for class ratings is that the Skill Test must be conducted within six months from the start of training iaw FCL.725. Also, he will need a copy of the Examiner's Report (SRG1157) and a copy of his licence when he submits his Application for the Class Rating (SRG3108). Onus is now on the applicant to submit the application paperwork although you should still send a copy of the Examiner's Report to the UK CAA.

Assuming he passes, you will be able to issue a Temporary Certificate (SRG1100). This will allow the pilot to exercise the privileges for eight weeks which, in theory, is sufficient time for their new licence to arrive.

Did you not cover this during your examiner training, refresher seminar or AoC?