View Full Version : BAe 146 Engine Mounts

Cracker Box
17th Aug 2023, 16:43
Hello, I've been tasked with mounting an ALF502R-5 engine for a ground running application and am struggling to find any details on the aircraft engine mounting points.

The engine in question has spherical jointed lugs at the port and starboard fan casing upper mounting pads and a similar lug (turned through 90) at the rear TDC position.

I'd be grateful if anyone could give me an indication, ideally with images or links to sources, of how these mounts attach to the aircraft pylon as I may try to imitate these interfaces and we may fit a146 nacelle around the engine.

Can anyone shed light on the purpose of the trunnion circled below on the port fwd mount please?

Also, there are casing lugs at the port and starboard rear positions similar to that at rear TDC, see bottom image, are these utilised in an aircraft installation?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on these matters.