View Full Version : withdrawal of STL privelage

17th Aug 2023, 07:57
What are the implications of withdrawal of supervised take off and landing privileges' from a PIC

17th Aug 2023, 21:32
Which State, which Regulation What context?

18th Aug 2023, 03:33
India, as a result of hard landing by FO

18th Aug 2023, 07:01
What on earth are supervised takeoff and landing privileges?!

18th Aug 2023, 07:25
Authorisation given to PIC to permit FO carry out the landings and take off after certain checks and completion of specified hours as PIC. How ever certain other conditions have to be met like runway conditions and non restricted airports.

18th Aug 2023, 09:53
So let me get this straight... A Captain needs authorisation simply to allow an FO to fly the plane?
Are they allowed to use the bathroom?

Professor Plum
19th Aug 2023, 14:36
​​​​​​Are they allowed to use the bathroom?

It depends on what Gender they identify as.

Those identifying as male need to show proficiency at the “Assisted Whizz” manoeuvre.

Similar in concept to the monitored approach, in that the Capt is responsible for aim. If the FO calls “visual” with the bowl/urinal prior to flow release, responsibility for aim transfers to the FO.

The number of required successful “assisted whizzes” required for solo bathroom sign off varies according to prior experience. Some never achieve proficiency given the technical difficulty of the manoeuvre

19th Aug 2023, 15:57
Ha ha , clear now