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14th Aug 2023, 11:58
Can anyone please clarify the exam validity period please.
I always thought that having completed the nine exams, the candidate was allowed a further two years from the date of the last exam, to get the licence issued, is that still the case? and if the candidate goes over the 2 year window, he has to take all the exams again?
Many Thanks

14th Aug 2023, 12:52
Thats correct. Must pass all the exams in a 18 month window then 24 months to complete the training and application from the date of passing the last examination. If you go outside that window, all exams have to be resit.

15th Aug 2023, 21:36
many thanks.

5th Sep 2023, 23:22
And a bit of fiddling to get candidate back on the eexam memberships., if exams done that way.