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10th Aug 2023, 21:59
Got a candidate for an SEP Renewal where the rating has been lapsed since before it became SEP (was a Group A Rating). Can the "Training as required" before a test be conducted at a DTO, or does it have to be at an ATO? Logic tells me that if a DTO can conduct ab initio training for a licence which includes an SEP Rating, then training for a renewal should also be possible, but...

11th Aug 2023, 06:34
Training as required at a DTO or an ATO and Prof Check. Bear in mind the licence won't have ELP and will need to apply for a Part FCL licence on SRG1104..

11th Aug 2023, 07:11
Thanks M, candidate has just repatriated his ATPL to the UK; it was last used with CAT ratings and carries ELP, but thanks for the reminder.


11th Aug 2023, 08:02
In that case will need to have SEP added to the licence. SRG 3108 online. Temp Certificate can be issued.

11th Aug 2023, 09:19
Thank you.

12th Oct 2023, 22:34
My understanding was that the ASSESSMENT of training required has to be done by an ATO. The training itself at an ATO or DTO. That seems to be the wording but possibly not the intent?

13th Oct 2023, 08:57
Assessment is to be done by a Flight Examiner, but can be within a DTO.

13th Oct 2023, 11:51
The assessment is done by the ATO/DTO Head of Training (HOD) who coincidentally may also be a flight examiner but need not be.

13th Oct 2023, 17:53
Thanks for the clarification. I forgot that bit, probably because I still can't beleive how I became both!

14th Oct 2023, 06:29
Unfortunately some CAA forms carelessly refer to ATO when they mean ATO/DTO. In this case it can all be conducted at a DTO.