View Full Version : A Reason for Jet Engine Problems

28th Jul 2023, 04:21
Part of an article about recent jet engine problems........I highlighted the part that explains much of the jet engine problems that have occurred recently......

“We are really pleased with how the [Trent 1000] is doing,” says Watson. “It has had its problems earlier in its life, but it has largely recovered.”

There are still “a couple of upgrades we need to deliver into this engine,” he admits, with those already having been implemented to the derivative Trent 7000 for the Airbus A330neo, which have “doubled the time on wing”, says Watson.

“That modification we have just taken through certification with the and we’ll roll that in to the Trent 1000 towards the end of this year.

[u]“In the next 18 months we’ll have those engines back where customers would expect that engine to be performing,” he says.

Burr says the improvements to the Trent 1000 were validated through an exhaustive test programme, during which it “thrashed an engine for over 2,500 cycles”, including extensive simulation of a sustained climb and injection of sand into the powerplant to replicate real-world conditions.

“I think the testing that companies have done traditionally didn’t mimic all of those conditions,” he says.