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26th Jul 2023, 06:46
What's going on with RT exams, seems a right money spinner.
Just had some company promoting RT ground school courses 200 plus. (Remember the 20 page HMSO Radiotelephony booklet, about 25p).
RT examiners charging 300.
I only charge 200 for a Skill test in which i have to decide if someone can safely fly and not kill themselves or anyone else, includes assessing RT.
If flying instructors do their job, should be no need for courses.
All relevant RT for PPL can be written on one A4 sheet of paper.

Wouldn't mind if RT improved after tests, but makes no difference, having lived through periods of testing and non testing.

26th Jul 2023, 06:49
Reminds me i won't be renewing my examiners ticket end of this year, had enough.
In fact wondering who i can go to, seem to be running out of instructor examiners.
The industry will slowly die.

26th Jul 2023, 07:58
Also training manuals supplied by well known publishers need to conform to cap413.
For instance requesting true bearing.
This could cost a student failed RT exam.

But i think cap413 used to be prefaced by saying "recommended procedure", need to double check that.

26th Jul 2023, 22:00
And guess who is running the courses? The CAAs Chief RTF Examiner; Whatever happend to vested interests?

27th Jul 2023, 10:14
10. The aim of the United Kingdom Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) is to provide pilots, Air Traffic Services personnel and other ground personnel, both civil and military, with a compendium of clear, concise, standardised phraseology and associated guidance, for radiotelephony (RTF) communication in United Kingdom airspace
14. All users of RTF in the United Kingdom are expected to comply with the phraseology described in this manual. However, the phraseology examples contained herein are not intended to be exhaustive, and when circumstances differ, pilots, ATS personnel and other ground personnel will be expected to use plain language, which should be as clear and concise as possible.
The Commercial COM exams are not based on CAP413, but ICAO Doc 9432!

27th Jul 2023, 20:40
Unfortunately when toting up cost of PPL course, all these extras add up, bit embarrassing quoting costs to customers.
I think some of these costs are held back to not losing a student.