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24th Jul 2023, 12:48
Does anyone know what this red line is for at Southend?
I cannot find a definition for it in CAP637, a security man was adamant i mustn't cross it!
https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1451x732/screenshot_2023_07_24_at_13_34_58_08751b7a7a5d95997084bc32c1 4546f2f460104c.png

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24th Jul 2023, 17:47
Might it be defining the ‘critical point’ - the part of the airfield considered secure - only accessed via the formal security channels by both passengers and crew? Passenger aircraft coming from outside the CP (eg the GA apron or maintenance hangers require an enhanced security check (pretty much every nock and cranny inside and out that could be accessed and have some mischief hidden in, checked.)
As crew, if one went through security and accessed the CP but crossed the red line, you are instantly considered ‘impure’ so to speak, and cannot go back!

14th Aug 2023, 10:54
I think you are correct, left of the line seems to be international, right side being domestic.

15th Aug 2023, 07:55
Last time I was there (several years ago) I walked past it by mistake trying to go to the old tower. Got berated by security and subjected to full body and scan search. If I recall there are 2 doors with C on them and no signage telling which is for domestic. There was definitely no sign saying: Do not cross the red line.

15th Aug 2023, 10:22
Oooh, Nice Vulcan ! (sorry).

15th Aug 2023, 14:15
Oooh, Nice Vulcan ! (sorry).

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