View Full Version : Is there any chance to get the bank limit info on A320?

20th Jul 2023, 09:22
I was curious about the limitations on FMGS (no matter on THALES or HONEYWELL) due to I cannt expect the turn radius when encounter weather.
used to fly the B737 that have bank selector and turn tendency on ND

Less Hair
20th Jul 2023, 09:32
33 degrees. Manually, you can go to 67 degrees in normal law.

20th Jul 2023, 10:31
And from my old copy of A320 FCTM:

......... the maximum bank angle permitted by the Flight Guidance (FG) system (30 ° in normal conditions).......

So this limit will be applied by the FMGS in its guidance.

20th Jul 2023, 10:37
Your turn radius is approximately: ground speed divided by 200, for a rate 1 turn, ( ~ 22° angle of bank).

So at 200 kts, your turn radius will be approximately 1.00 nm. At 240 kts, approx 1.20 nm.

There is no active turn radius indication shown for your angle of bank, like there is on a Boeing, other than a radius drawn on a programmed navigation route.


compressor stall
20th Jul 2023, 18:01
Max AP Bank angle also varies with altitude.
Tthere’s a graph somewhere on the web (not in the FCOM).

21st Jul 2023, 14:51
could I get the web……plz

Capt Fathom
22nd Jul 2023, 12:44

22nd Jul 2023, 13:18
Long time ago OP DES. had answered the following:

This is an excerpt from the Honeywell FMGS manual: BANK ANGLE LIMITSThe bank angle limits, roll limit 1, and roll limit 2 are defined by the rolllimit graph shown in Figure 5-3 and are based on true airspeed. Duringan engine out condition, both limits are set at 15°.Control Roll LimitDuring selected headingmode, the flight guidance part of the computerimposes the roll limits.During managed heading mode, the flight management part of thecomputer imposes the roll limits based on true airspeed and the activesegment of the active leg, depending on the need for simple turn control(the path over the ground is not fixed) or fixed path control (a definedpath over the ground).D For simple turn control (while turning to a heading target) roll limit 2is imposed.D For fixed path control (in legs to capture a path) the FMS uses eitherroll limit 1 or roll limit 2 as required below:— Roll limit 1 - When the turn does not result in a captured andengaged leg.— Roll limit 2D When flying an arc to capture and engage a legD When flying an arc to a fix unless:- The active leg is a holding pattern or procedure turn whenroll limit 2 is imposed.- The aircraft is within lateral overshoot navigation limits,(then the en route roll limit is 15°), except in the terminalarea where roll limit 2 is imposed.The roll limit for lateral path construction is always the bank limit, rolllimit 1, or roll limit 2 for a specific true airspeed.FMS Roll LimitFigure 5-3NOTE: Below 700 ft radio altitude, when in LAND track and LOCtrack, bank angle is further limited to 10° by the flightguidance function.ROLL LIMIT SUMMARYRoll limit 1 is used for most straight line segments of a flight leg, and bythe FMS when the heading is managed.Roll limit 2 is used by the FMS on most managed transitions in theterminal area, and for specific procedures such as holding patterns,procedure turns, and arcs