View Full Version : Max approach turning speed

4th Jul 2023, 09:12
A quick query if I may

‘Max approach turning speed XXX’ as depicted on approach charts (e.g. VMMC ILS 34) refers to what speeds exactly? The procedural approach speeds only from the IAF? I assume under RADVEC this speed wouldn’t necessarily be required?

Any info welcome.


4th Jul 2023, 17:08
Depends, speed control on published charts can be for safety - example a low speed limit to reduce the turn radius. This is imposed in some cases when the base/final turn is close to terrain.

Under radar vectors, now that is a good question, one would assume ATC will assign a speed, then again assuming in this profession sometimes doesn't end well!


Amadis of Gaul
4th Jul 2023, 21:43
I noticed it's even lower for missed approach, maximum speed in that scenario is 185kts (for turns).