View Full Version : Asking for a bit of recommendation lol

3rd Jul 2023, 03:54
So to start off I'm sorry. I am sure I'm in the wrong area, but I couldn't find a better area to fit. I am looking into becoming a commercial pilot. However I'm not at the best place for it financially. i have a ok job it pays the bills but barely. I have no credit( I am building it but it takes a while) and no cosigner. I'm in vero beach, fl area. So I guess what I am asking if someone was in my position how would they go about it? I love flying when I was a teenager I had about 30 hours in on single and twin prop I always wanted to make a career out of it and I have tried applying through a few things and they all want cosigners. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

4th Jul 2023, 07:34
How about this area: https://www.pprune.org/professional-pilot-training-includes-ground-studies-14/