View Full Version : Mission+ Users / NAVBLUE Charts FI/CI waypoint

27th Jun 2023, 00:25

Just got the word we will be transitioning to Mission+ next year 2024. Can anyone get in touch with me regarding the user experience, any tips and tricks? - We have been given the test module.

Also NAV BLUE charts are incredibly hard to decipher, compared to FDPRO/LIDO. For example there is no designator on the IAC chart for FI CI waypoints, how should we know which one is which now? (Sorry for the basic question)

25th Aug 2023, 14:05
Chart layout is OK and interface works but the fact you can't browse plates for airfields without creating a flight plan is just silly. Good news is NAVBLUE are looking for feedback and suggestions to improve. So don't keep your complaints and issues to yourself, use your EFB Admin/Tech pilot to get improvements.

25th Aug 2023, 22:49