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19th Jun 2023, 21:30
MyLog is a cutting-edge digital logging solution developed specifically for pilots, by pilots. Designed with the needs of pilots in mind, MyLog offers fast and effortless logging for everyone from student pilots to commercial airline pilots.

Key Features at a Glance:

Seamless Synchronization: Experience hassle-free synchronization across all your devices without any additional cost or subscriptions. Add a new log entry on your iPhone, and it automatically syncs with other devices when you access MyLog.
Collaborative Aircraft Database: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually adding each aircraft you've flown. MyLog features a centralized collaborative aircraft database, enabling you to use aircraft added by other users effortlessly. If an aircraft is not listed, simply add it with ease and once approved, it becomes available for others to use.
EASA and JAR Ready: MyLog seamlessly supports EASA and JAR logbook formats by default. If you hold an EASA or JAR license, there's no need for customization; log your flights and view your EASA/JAR logbook directly from the app.
Customizable Logbook Fields: Every aviation administration has its own logbook format. MyLog provides unlimited custom fields, allowing you to tailor your logbook according to your needs. Specify data types such as text, number, time, and true/false for your custom fields.
Live Flight Tracking: Eliminate the hassle of manually recording flight times by utilizing MyLog's Live Flight feature. Simply tap the "Start Flight" button on the home screen, and MyLog automatically tracks block time, flight time, and landing conditions. For added convenience, control Live Flight using the MyLog Apple Watch application.
Capture Times from Aircraft: If your aircraft displays flight times on a screen, snap a photo, and let MyLog automatically readthe times for you, streamlining your workflow.
Document Integration: Easily attach documents, photos, or even videos to your flight logs within MyLog. Keep important files and memories accessible whenever you need them, without the worry of misplacing them.
Previous Experiences: Save time entering thousands of flight hours individually with MyLog's Previous Experience feature. Add unlimited previous experiences based on different criteria such as company, date, or aircraft type. This feature provides a convenient way to kickstart your logbook.
Night Time Calculations: When adding a new flight, MyLog automatically calculates your night time, as mandated by EASA and JAR logbook requirements. It also determines take-off and landing conditions, ensuring accurate and compliant logging.
Dashboard: Stay on top of your limitations and restrictions with the Dashboard feature. Define your personal limitations in MyLog, and the app keeps you informed about your current status. Opt to receive notifications regarding your limitations for added convenience.
Comprehensive Statistics: Explore a wide range of statistical data within MyLog, including most frequently visited airports, preferred aircraft types, and longest flights. Additionally, view and download your flight map directly from the app.
Logbook Convenience: Forget manual calculations and errors. MyLog's Logbook screen displays time totals automatically, eliminating the need for cumbersome math operations. Add page breakers to close logbook pages, making it easier to manage your records.
Export Options: Export all your flight logs effortlessly to PDF or Excel files with just a few clicks. Simply navigate to the Logbook page and select your preferred export format.
Advanced Flight List Search: Efficiently search through your flight logs with MyLog's detailed search feature. Find specific flights based on dates, airports, aircraft, and more, saving valuable time compared to traditional physical logbooks.
Export Filtered Flights: The Flight List screen in MyLog allows you to export your filtered flights to an Excel file, making it easy to extract and analyze specific data. Customize your export by including custom fields for a comprehensive record.
Pilot-Friendly UI: MyLog is thoughtfully designed for cockpit use, with carefully selected colors, fonts, and sizes to ensure optimal visibility and readability. To enhance usability during nighttime operations, MyLog offers Dark theme support. Additionally, the app provides a theming feature, allowing you to personalize the secondary colors according to your preference.

And Much More:
MyLog boasts numerous other features designed to enhance your flight logging experience. To discover all the functionalities, we invite you to download MyLog and explore the app firsthand.

What's Next?
At MyLog, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Here are some of the exciting features on our development agenda:

Native Tablet Support: Enjoy a seamless experience on your tablet device with a dedicated interface optimized for larger screens.
Macbook Application: Access MyLog from your Macbook for added convenience and flexibility.
FAA Support: Extend MyLog's compatibility to include support for FAA logbook formats, catering to pilots operating under FAA regulations.
Annual Infographics: Visualize your flight data with interactive infographics, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your flying patterns and achievements over the course of a year.
New Themes: Expand your customization options with additional themes to suit your individual style and preference.

We are excited to bring these exciting features and more to MyLog in the near future, ensuring that our app remains at the forefront of digital logbook solutions for pilots.

Download MyLog now and experience the next generation of digital flight logging! (https://link-to.app/mylog)
Note: MyLog is available for iOS and Android devices.