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14th Jun 2023, 12:55
CAA website hard to navigate.

To carry out a CBIR with a CPL from 20 years ago. As I can see you get credit for Hp Met and Comms, leaves airlaw aircraft general knowledge flight planning and radio nav to do. 4 Exams.

I am an FI who has carried out IMC/IRR training so have quite a bit of IFR time.

Training outside ATO as I can see up to standard, then 10 hours minimum at ATO then a test.

Any idea what sort of profile from Cranfield ? Maybe go to Oxford East Midlands Southend ?

Edward Hawkins
16th Jun 2023, 19:07
You also have to do the comms exam because it is now a combined vfr and ifr comms exam. Unless you have already passed IFR comms.

17th Jun 2023, 11:05
You appear to have missed something:
(c) Validity period
(1) The successful completion of the theoretical knowledge examinations will be valid:
(ii) for the issue of a commercial pilot licence, instrument rating (IR) or en route instrument rating (EIR), for a period of 36 months;
(iii) the periods in (i) and (ii) shall be counted from the day when the pilot successfully completes the theoretical knowledge examination, in accordance with (b)(2).
After 20 years you are way outside the box!

19th Jun 2023, 08:32
That's 36 months from completion of theoretical knowledge examinations... but what if Aware already holds a full CPL with IR? That's what I'm reading from his posts. The licence I guess is still valid but all the ratings will/may have lapsed. As an FI who has already carried out training for the IR, shouldn't he be covered under option 3 from the list on this page: https://www.caa.co.uk/commercial-industry/pilot-licences/aeroplanes/competency-based-instrument-rating/ ? Or am I reading something else into this?

19th Jun 2023, 09:13
The OP wouldn't need an IR of they already hold an IR. My guess is they're a CPL/FI..?

19th Jun 2023, 11:13
Looks pretty clear to me:I am an FI who has carried out IMC/IRR training so have quite a bit of IFR time. So he has an IMC rating. To get an IR of any sort the exams have to be in the 36 month validity window!
In the good old days pre 1999 as a CPL holder he wouldn't have had to do anything other than pass the IR Skill test.

19th Jun 2023, 11:18
One option is to take your IMC experience, add 15 hours with an FAA CFI and get your FAA IR. Then providing you have 50 hours PIC under IFR you just need to do a CAA IR test. No exams.

19th Jun 2023, 17:18
I have managed to talk to an instrument rating examiner, I know I am outside the 36 month window for exams, but surprisingly you get a credit for holding a CPL even after 20 years on taking the CBIR exams , so 4 required of the usual 7. So back to the books again.

Credit is given for IRR flying so only 10 hours at ATO to do a couple of test routes before test. But training outside ATO counts as long as itís with an IRI who holds an IR.

Be costly at £300 ph for SE IR training. Buts thatís the UK for you.

20th Jun 2023, 09:50
Got it now. I got mixed up with the IR and IMC ratings.