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8th Jun 2023, 13:54
Hello, I've heard different answers regarding this topic... could you please help me?

(The terms DIFFERENCES TRAINING and FAMILIARISATION TRAINING are well clear to me, as defined by EASA).

I'll try with a simple example:
Mr John Doe achieved his MEP(land) class rating, flying on a Piper PA34 Seneca (does it also matter on which version?).
Now he has the opportunity to start flying a beautiful Beechcraft Baron 58, so:
A. John can legally fly the BE58 just reading the AFM (like a familiarisation)
B. John has to fly with a CRI to get differences training, even if we are inside the same class rating (if it's the case, how many flight hours are required?)
C. any other answer who makes sense

I've already searched other topics here, but without encouraging results.
I'm also aware of these documents: https://www.easa.europa.eu/en/document-library/product-certification/typeratings-and-licence-endorsement-lists

Thank you!


Arrow Flyer
8th Jun 2023, 15:00
Option B. Within the endorsement list, against MEP (Land) you'll find this:

All aircraft within the same class rating MEP require differences training, unless indicated otherwise in the list.

"FCL.710 Class and type ratings variants" - offers guidance on what differences training should entail.

8th Jun 2023, 15:56
The differences training on the Seneca lasts for 2 years. Familiarisation traing is required between different versions unless it contains one of the listed differences. He needs to do differences training on the Baron, that will also last for 2 years. Any other MEP requires further differences training.
Normally, a circuit followed by an EFATO and an asymmetric circuit will suffice. How much training you do is up to the CRI who signs you off.

9th Jun 2023, 08:53
Thanks, it makes sense!

And just to confirm, is it correct to say that the CRI teaching for the differences training must be current on the Baron? (at least one flight in the last 2 years) :8

9th Jun 2023, 16:25