View Full Version : FAA 8710-1 ATP prerequisites

5th Jun 2023, 10:38
Hi, I have several questions on how to fill the 8710-1 form.

1 What about non ICAO certified light aircraft ?
Does an uncertified three axis light airplane with 450kg MTOW count as airplane time?
Does an uncertified gyroplane with 450kg MTOW count as gyroplane time?

2 Is time with an European Touring Motor Glider TMG (a self launching glider with a non retractable propeller, such as the Scheibe Falke 25 or Slingsby) glider time or airplane time?

I could not find the answer anywhere. Thank you!

5th Jun 2023, 17:41
good questions - which DPE/what aircraft are you using for the practical test - I presume single engine as ATP ME requires the CTP.
By the sounds of it those are light sport hours, so the category would count. You would need 50 in category/class for the rating sought.

Also the prerequisites - 1500 TT, 500 X-C, night etc
I trust you are registered on IACRA? That is the 8710 system. Paper forms are rare these days.

5th Jun 2023, 17:59
I'm wondering if I have the prerequisites for an FAA ATP with multi-engine airplane rating. I hold an EASA CPL(A)
Referring to 61.159 ;
1,500 hours of total time . My understanding is that it is in any category. Helicopter,Glider, and light aircraft, provided they are heavier than 115Kg, which is the MTOW above which it's mandatory to have a pilot license in the US.
(1) 500 hours of cross-country flight time. I understand that it is in any category as well
(2) 100 hours of night flight time. My understanding is that it is in any category as well
(3) 50 hours of flight time in the class of airplane for the rating sought: Multi engine airplane
(4) 75 hours of instrument flight time : Any category
(5) 250 hours of flight time in an airplane: single or multi engine airplane

And my last question is about an European TMG (self launching glider with non retractable propeller): airplane or glider?

Any idea where I could dig to find the answer? I have hours on glider, TMG glider, helicopter, 450kg gyroplane, 450kg microlight, and single and multi engine airplane. No balloon nor airship though...

I know I'll have to do a CTP.