View Full Version : B737 NG in windshear

Maisk Rotum
1st Jun 2023, 00:43
Was told that FD guidance in windshear is only possible if TOGA is pushed AFTER a windshear warning is triggered. I've been flying various versions of the 737 and other Boeing's for 28 years and this is news to me. My reading of the FCOM tells me that on takeoff or go around and in TOGA (pitch) that the FD will progressively target airspeed, then v/s 600, then 15 degrees, then finally stick shaker. To be clear the scenario is NO windshear warning, but you elect to do the escape manoeuvre because below 1000' any of the five parameters (IAS 15kt, 500 fpm, 5 pitch, one dot or thrust unusual) are outside tolerances. The assertion is the FD will only target airspeed not the progressive windshear pitch targets. I call bulls***t on this guy. Anyone?