View Full Version : EASA & UKCAA MEIR Revalidation in Europe

Toro 15
12th May 2023, 10:30
Hi All,

Is there anywhere I can find a list of examiners who have both UKCAA and EASA privileges who can revalidate/renew a CPL MEIR (and SEP if it is going!) throughout Europe?

A few existed before January this year but Brexit has caused a loss of recognition for the majority of them and I would love to know if any exist at the moment where I can get it all done in one.

Any assistance at all is appreciated!

Many thanks

13th May 2023, 20:44
There won't be a consolidated list. If you know what you're looking for if you look at the UK examiners lists and you see anyone with FCL.1000(c) in their privileges it means they are licenced overseas. Anyone with a European name is likely to meet your needs. But that's only one possible permutation of licences that ould meet your needs in any case UKFLYING.com can definitely help you out and they have considerable in doing exactly what you need.

14th May 2023, 09:05
There are a few examiners in the UK with both UK and EASA examining privileges, including myself. Note that examiners holding FCL.1000(c) certificates are only permitted to conduct examining outside the territory of EASA member states.


Professor Plum
14th May 2023, 11:57
+1 for what gipsymagpie said;

Have a look at ukflying.com - they will be able to help, and are UK based.

Toro 15
15th May 2023, 10:53
Perfect, thank's a lot folks, that certainly helps narrow down the search! I am flexible with location so if anyone knows a specific examiner feel free to send me a message directly and I can talk to them directly to see if something can be worked out. Thanks again!