View Full Version : PPL Skill test partial with a new examiner?

Alex Whittingham
10th May 2023, 08:52
We (Wings Alliance) have a PPL skill test candidate asking for advice. He/she partialled the test with a flight school that has gone bust. Replacement flight school says a complete retest is required, presumably because the examiner will be different. Is this correct? It isn't my specialist area!

10th May 2023, 09:19
A different examiner can undertake the partial, that is the point of the 2128 and 2129 forms being correctly completed.

10th May 2023, 09:57
Since the introduction of Part-FCL, the examiner is independent of the school, so the fact that the school is no longer trading should not affect the ability of the examiner to conduct the second attempt. Under normal circumstances, it is considered best practice for an applicant to complete the test with the original examiner, including any second attempt arising as a result of a partial pass. However, there may be valid reasons why it is not possible to schedule the second attempt with the same examiner, such as examiner availability. The same examiner should not re-examine a failed applicant without the agreement of the applicant. See UK FEH para 3.2.3.

Assuming the applicant has all of the paperwork associated with the original test and achieved a Partial Pass, a complete re-test should only be required where the applicant has forfeited the test series or where the period since commencing the (original) test has exceeded six months. See CAA Standards Document 19(A), para 2.1.1 and 4.2.4/4.2.5.


10th May 2023, 10:26
Your licence, test ratings and results are yours and the CAA's, not the flight school's.

Sounds like the new flight school is trying to extract extra fees, or they don't know the rules.......... I would be inclined to walk away and find another.

Alex Whittingham
10th May 2023, 17:10
Thank you all.