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4th May 2023, 09:21
Hello all .. a few years ago I came across a grey A5 sized softback Jeppesen book, it was thick enough and contained practically everything to do with instrument flying. It was excellent as it was full of definitions and general IFR rules and explanations .. it took care of an awful lot of the "and where is that written?" questions.

Long story short, it was a while ago and i cannot remember the name of the book. Is anyone on here familiar with what it might have been? I'd like to purchase it if at all possible .. many thanks ...

4th May 2023, 12:24
I'm wondering if you might have meant the GENERAL AIRWAY MANUAL that was part of a (paper) cockpit bag?


4th May 2023, 19:23
Yeh sounds similar to the FAA Chart Supplement

70 Mustang
5th May 2023, 17:13

5th May 2023, 17:29
70 Mustang has it spot on, those are the pubs I was trying to recall.....

7th May 2023, 19:37
Thanks guys!