View Full Version : A320 TCAS Displays Traffics on Ground With System OFF

3rd May 2023, 23:59
Hi Everyone!
Today I have experiencied on an A321 NX that TCAS still Displays Traffics on ND With the selector Switched to OFF and XPDR to OFF, i tried yo find some info about this on airbus manuals but no ine has info about this, anybody have any idea about this? Thanks for your help!

4th May 2023, 13:44
That is the function of Airborne Traffic Situation Awareness{ATSAW).
If your ADS-B out works normally, TCAS computer will receive the traffic info from ATC station or other aircraft.
You can turn it off on the MCDU-MENU-TRAF-
For more info refer to FCOM-DSC-34-SURV-20-ATSAW