View Full Version : A320 ECAM actions - Tank high temp

23rd Apr 2023, 16:42
I saw a picture of an ECAM message, saying that one of the fuel tanks was high in temperature. But the actions given to do puzzle me. It said to switch the engine master (on the affected side) to off, but to then increase fuel flow to that same engine?

23rd Apr 2023, 20:21
The FCOM gives two different procedures based on whether the aircraft is in the ground or not.

23rd Apr 2023, 22:37
It won’t have been an ECAM picture you saw because it will only display the On Ground procedure OR the In Flight procedure, not both. The FCOM shows both with a conditional statement for deciding which to do.


24th Apr 2023, 00:09
IDG uses fuel to cool it's oil. If you can off load the IDG it will help keep the fuel cooler. Increasing fuel flow will also help. There's something about a three way valve but it's late, I'm tired and can't remember the rest.

24th Apr 2023, 03:28
Thank you all for the responses. I thought I was going crazy for a second haha. It definitely was an ECAM picture as both the upper ECAM and the Fuel SD page could be seen. Although now I think about it, looks like the picture I saw might have been from a flight simulator... Looks like the developers for that A320 need to fix that bug!